Our Candidates / Montana / Rob Quist

Rob Quist

Running for US Representative
Election: May 25, 2017

Rob Quist will be an independent voice for Montana in the United States Congress. He believes that in Montana, you shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to hunt, fish and hike in our great outdoors, get a good education, or be able to support your family. As a small businessman, award-winning songwriter, and entrepreneur, Rob will fight to help hard-working Montana families get ahead, defend our public lands and stream access rights, and strengthen our public schools, not privatize them.

Quist is campaigning on the following platform:

  • Protecting ranchers and farmers that receive the lowest prices for their grain and stock.

  • Supporting legislation that will streamline student lending and cap interest rates for student loans at no more than 3%. Further, Quist will support additional programs which expand opportunities to forgive student debt with a two year service commitment to AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps.  

  • Supporting veterans with top quality health care and job training.

  • Believes everyone should love and marry whom they choose regardless of their orientation.

  • Supporting women's right to choose without exception.

  • Believes unions have been decimated to the point that a once robust middle class is now fading away, and that unions balance industry to ensure a safe workplace and a livable wage.

  • Will fight for teachers, who are underpaid and overworked, and to expand programs teaching life skills such as finance, the importance of good credit, job interview skills and resume building, personal health and nutrition and expanded citizenry and community volunteer work.

  • Supports wind and solar power energy.

  • As a small business owner, Quist supports simplifying and streamlining the tax code so that it works for everyone.

  • Believes public lands must be protected for future generations.

  • Supports tribal sovereignty and the right of self determination for all native peoples.

  • Supports development of new sustainable logging practices to protect our forests and preserve jobs.

  • Believes Social Security and Medicare is not an “entitlement”, but a necessity for many Montanans and must be protected.

  • Stands with “Montanans who have spent their lives becoming resourceful to survive in a system that has, in many ways, become geared against them.”

  • Supports preserving the arts in our education system.