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Robert Feria

Running for San Antonio City Council District 1
Election: May 6, 2017

Feria was a coordinator for the pro-Sanders group “SA for Sanders,” in San Antonio.

He is campaigning on the following platform:

  1. Economic Justice - San Antonio has thrived thanks to the working people who made this city what it is. He believes all work has dignity, regardless if you went to graduate school or didn't even graduate high school.

  2. Equal rights - San Antonio has been a city of diverse peoples and cultures and we must respect and protect that heritage. San Antonio should be of, by, and for the people -- and that means all of the people.

  3. Displacing of residents in District 1 - Home prices and property taxes are increasing while working people's' wages are not. That means people are being priced out of their neighborhoods where they and their families have often lived for generations.

  4. Transparency in Government - Too many decisions at city hall are being made behind closed doors. Robert claims the current council member does not put up a fight and does not disclose what is happening behind these doors. He promises to be open, accessible, and transparent.

Public Transit for Public Good -  As councilman, Robert pledges to fully fund VIA and explore and support more cutting-edge public transportation that serves the needs of the community.