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Ron Rivers

Running for State Assembly, District 17
New Jersey
Election: June 4, 2019

Ron Rivers grew up in North Brunswick, New Jersey since childhood, attending Parsons, Lindwood, and NBTHS for primary education.

After working as a financial service operations manager and eventually as a VP of North American Sales for an international restaurant technology company, Rivers moved back to New Jersey to start a retail & e-commerce home brewing company that grew to become a national leader and a community center in New Jersey. 

In 2017, Rivers founded a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to improving democracy in New Jersey. After discovering that 77% of local candidates in 2018 listed no information online about their campaigns. River's team built the first ever free election campaign platform for local candidates and demonstrated significant success beta testing here in New Jersey.

He has been an active advocate in New Jersey for the Civic Information Bill, a $15 Minimum Wage, Medicare for All, Voter Registration Drives, and transparent elections in New Jersey. Rivers believes that New Jersey deserves full-time representation that is not beholden to the powers that be.