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Sara McFadden

Running for State Representative, District 106
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

A Former Administrator/Small Business Owner, Sara McFadden will make sure your voice is heard. If we want to change Tallahassee, we have to change who we send.

A resident of Naples, Ms. McFadden was born in New Jersey, raised her family in CT and retired to Collier County.  She comes from a hard-working family of homemakers, blue collar workers, teachers, police officers and nurses — ready volunteers for civic organizations and serving as elected officials on school boards and City Councils. A scholarship recipient, she worked her way through school, graduating with honors from Georgian Court University.

As the Coalition Candidate, Sara is working hard to bring people together for the common good and to restore a civil, collaborative and inclusive government.

We need to reach beyond parties and identity politics, find what commonalities unite us, and take back Tallahassee.