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Sophia Hawes-Tingey

Running for Midvale Mayor
Election: Nov. 7, 2017

In 2016, Sophia became the first openly transgender national delegate from the state of Utah when she won an election to represent Bernie Sanders in Utah's Congressional District 4. If she is elected to mayor in 2017, Midvale, UT, will become the largest city in the US to ever have an openly transgender mayor.

From her first foray on the political scene in 2014, when she ran a petition gathering 37,000 signatures asking the Utah Attorney General to not waste taxpayer money to fight same sex marriage, and subsequently running for the Utah State legislature, through her becoming the first openly transgender woman to appear on a public ballot and then to win a primary for city council (coming within 143 votes of winning), to winning her latest primary for Mayor of Midvale, UT in a six-way primary, she has been a constant advocate and champion for human rights, and her community.

Issues: Social issues around homelessness, human trafficking, and drug trafficking. Development that takes into account current residents as well as future residents. Reinvigoration of old Main Street. Building a multicultural arts district. Finish the expansion of bonded high-speed internet services to residents that need or want the service without burdening those that don't need or want it, and protecting and empowering all the communities, including the diverse communities in Midvale.