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Steve Dunwoody

Running for Assembly District 54
Election: April 3, 2018

Steve grew up the son of union auto assembly workers and community business owners. During his time at Kent State University, he enlisted in the Air National Guard which helped pay for college. He served a tour of duty in Iraq in 2005 as a financial manager, handling millions of dollars in construction contracts.

Soon after his return, he heard a young Senator from Illinois courageously proclaim that it was time to end the “tyranny of oil” in front of a group of autoworkers. Steve was inspired to join the Obama presidential campaign early in Iowa, subsequently organizing in seven states across the country. He then served in the Obama Administration at the White House and Energy Department, briefing high-level officials and launching a program to get jobs for veterans in the energy sector.

Since then, Steve has been on the frontlines of progressive fights in California, protecting public lands, combating oil drilling, and acting as a prominent supporter of the Prop 61 lower drug prices.