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Steve Zimmer

Running for Los Angeles Board of Education
Election: May 16, 2017

A 17-year veteran teacher, counselor, and community activist, Steve began his career at Marshall High School. Steve is passionate about doing whatever it takes to support and affirm all students including those who are undocumented, living in poverty, experiencing homelessness, LGBTQ, or learning English as a second language. He is co- founder of the Elysian Valley United Community Services Center (CSC), LAUSD Student Recovery Day, and the partnership with Youth Policy Institute’s FamilySource Center providing services to families in their own communities.

The following are some of his most notable accomplishments throughout his years as President of the School Board:

  1. Art Education: Steve believes art education is a right for every student and Since he’s been in office, arts funding has increased by $18 million dollars.

  2. Healthy meals: Steve’s commitment to making sure students eat healthy meals is unparalleled. His Good Food Purchasing resolution has been a model around the country for making sure student lunches have met the highest nutritional, environmental and animal welfare standards.

  3. Immigration: Steve has been one of the leading voices on the Board in support of comprehensive immigration reform and the Dream Act. He also authored the resolution ensuring schools are safe zones where students and families facing immigration enforcement actions can find safety and seek assistance and information.