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Sylvia Campos

Running for Corpus Christi City Council, District 2
Election: Dec. 18, 2018

Sylvia Campos is an activist who has grown up in Corpus Christi and has organized for our local grassroots Bernie Sanders campaign, Medicare For All, park improvements, graffiti clean up and to stop the closing of Memorial Hospital, a well-used facility on the predominantly Mexican American west-side. Recently, she was a leader in a successful campaign to stop the proposed library cuts and closure of senior centers for the FY 2018-19 Budget. She helped to organize the Corpus Christi Social Forum and the Frida Festival. She has helped and supported our local deputies and nurses with their collective bargaining and union organizing. District 2 is primarily Mexican American and includes Del Mar College, Hospitals and mostly working class residents, including many professionals like teachers, professors, nurses and public servants. Sylvia is Mexican American and a proud daughter, mother and grandmother with large networks.