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Tim Keller

Running for Mayor of Albuquerque
New Mexico
Election: Nov. 14, 2017

After a successful business career, Tim Keller refocused his professional life to tackling some of the biggest challenges facing Albuquerque and New Mexico. Throughout his public service, from State Senator for Albuquerque’s International District to State Auditor, Tim has consistently challenged the status quo and developed a track record of real impact. Tim was elected twice to the State Senate in one of the most diverse districts in New Mexico, encompassing Albuquerque's International District. He rose to the position of Majority Whip and successfully sponsored laws on wage retaliation prevention, immigrant protection, community schools, tax incentive reform, and an in-state business preference to create local jobs. In 2014, Tim Keller was elected one of the youngest State Auditors in the country.

As Albuquerque’s Mayor, Tim plans to focus on:

  • RESTORING TRUST BY REFORMING ALBUQUERQUE'S POLICE DEPARTMENT (ADP) TOP TO BOTTOM. Take better care of our front-line officers including showing them the respect and fairness they deserve for the hard jobs they do. Restore fair, objective, and transparent promotional tracks for front line officers.

  • INSTITUTE REAL COMMUNITY POLICING.Get cops out of cars and on bikes and on foot and in trusted communication with neighborhoods. Get at least 400 well-qualified, community policing-proven new officers on our streets to enable actual community policing. Push police paperwork activities from city into the community spaces.

  • FINISH DOJ EFFORTS AND TAKE BACK OUR POLICE DEPARTMENT. Change the culture away from the “warrior” mentality that has plagued the department and eroded public trust and trust between officers to a “guardian” mentality. Remove the internal investigations, legal, and procurement departments from the functions of APD to provide greater oversight and accountability. Add ”teeth” to the policy oversight commission with real oversight powers. Lastly, given basic management tenets regarding turning around failing organizations in any organization, and the skyrocketing crime and other problems we are familiar with, the current management team must be replaced by a new team of leaders committed to the ideas outlined above.

  • CONNECT HEALTH, HOUSING AND HOMELESSNESS. Create community paramedicine and engagement teams to bring aid directly to street corners, homes, and public spaces throughout the city. Prioritize anti-poverty, behavioral and mental health, diversion, and more ‘housing first’ programs in coordination with the county. Support other agencies and fund addiction treatment, poverty alleviation, and anti-domestic violence programs to reduce recidivism so we can reduce crime in the first place.

  • PUTTING LOCAL BUSINESSES FIRST. Use our buying power to ensure local businesses are the providers of goods and services for the city and partner with universities and existing companies to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs which will replace the millions of tax dollars currently sent to out-of-town vendors.

  • POWER ALBUQUERQUE WITH SOLAR AND WIND. Become an international leader in innovative renewable energy that powers our great city. Put solar panels on every city builder and make Albuquerque “energy neutral.” Provide incentives to renewable energy companies to work here, hire here, and build a company here.