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Wendell Gilliard

Running for State Representative, District 111
South Carolina
Election: Nov. 6, 2018

Rep. Gilliard is the President of WGG Consulting. He was educated at Devry School of Technology, and Labor Organizing School, University of Tennessee. Retired from Albright & Wilson Chemical Plant for 28 years as a chemical plant operator, serving as United Steel Workers Local Union President for 15 years.

After graduating from Rivers High School and attending Devry School of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, Representative Gilliard moved on to become a union and community organizer for the United Steelworkers of America at the chemical plant where he was employed. He also held an elected position as President of the local union (863) for fifteen years. These positions allowed Representative Gilliard to travel around the country organizing private businesses that wanted union representation.

After talking to various community leaders who knew Representative Gilliard, he decided to run for public office. His eleven years of service on the Charleston City Council gave him a tremendous opportunity to take action on the important issues facing the wonderful people that live in District 111.  He is deeply concerned about the issues of jobs, education and health care that faced so many people on a daily basis and he believed that new leadership was needed for those issues to be addressed.

Representative Gilliard contributes his desire to run for office to the influence of some key people: His father and mother, Mr. Isaiah Bennett, Mrs. Miriam Bacote, Mrs. Maranda Holmes, Rev. Fred Dawson, and Mrs. Septima P. Clark. These role models served as the inspiration for Wendell both yesterday and today.