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Wenona Benally

Running for State Representative
Wenona Benally is from Kayenta, Arizona and is a member of the Navajo Nation. She is currently enrolled as a candidate in the Indigenous Policy and Law Program at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in Tucson, AZ. She previously worked as a law associate at the law firm of Hobbs, Straus, Dean & Walker in Portland, Oregon. Prior to entering law practice, she received a bachelor's degree in English Literature at Arizona State University and completed a Master in Public Policy degree along with a Juris Doctor degree at Harvard University in 2006. Wenona served as an advisor to the Obama Tribal Leaders Steering Committee and conducted volunteer work for the Obama campaign in northern Arizona and northern New Mexico in 2007 and 2008. She also served as the campaign manager for Mohur Sidhwa ('06) who ran for the AZ House of Representatives in LD 28. She has been endorsed by Arizona Education Association (AEA), Arizona List (AZ List), Planned Parenthood, Advocates of Arizona (PPAA), Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), Las Adelitas Arizona.