End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

ISSUES End Fossil Fuel Subsidies We give the fossil fuel industry billions of our tax dollars every year in subsidies, even though the extraction and production of fossil fuels is the single largest contributor to the climate crisis. Sign the Petition to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies! facebook Details The burning […]

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Fix The Senate

ISSUES Fix the Senate The filibuster, an outdated Senate tool that gives veto power to a fraction of senators representing as little as 11% of the American population cannot be allowed to continue standing in the way of progress. Sign the Petition to Fix the Senate! Details The filibuster, an […]

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Stop Endless Wars

ISSUES Stop Endless Wars The US has been continuously at war for 20 years – and during that same period, the social safety net has continued to fray. We need to stop endless wars, reign in the military-industrial complex, and invest in the things that actually keep Americans safe – […]

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