We’ve defeated Manchin’s Dirty Deal , but we must do it again!

Our Revolution members and allies in the climate justice and environmental movement came together to defeat Manchin’s Dirty Deal three times last year. Now they are trying to pass it inside the Debt Ceiling and future "must pass" legislation. Yesterday the House passed this Deal, but 46 of our best progressive allies voted NO to send a message. Today the Senate is likely to vote and we need as many good Democratic Senators as possible to say NO too!

Bernie, Merkley, Markey, and Warren have already pledged to vote NO. Lawmakers must understand we do not want Dirty Fossil Fuel Deals and Poison Pill legislation hidden inside so called "must pass" bills. Vote NO on anything but a Clean Debt Ceiling bill.


Script:  “I’m urging (Senator X) to support Sen. Kaine’s amendment to remove the Mountain Valley pipeline from the debt ceiling deal.   Additionally, I urge you to please support Sen. Merkley’s amendment to remove NEPA provisions from the bill. If the MVP and NEPA stay in, then I urge you to vote NO on the Dirty Debt Ceiling Deal that fast tracks dirty fossil fuel projects, takes food stamps away from older vulnerable Americans, and triggers student debt payments for over 40 million people. I am urging (Senator X) to instead support a clean debt ceiling deal that doesn’t harm disadvantaged communities,Tribal nations and Indigenous Peoples, working families, and the environment."

Clean Debt Ceiling - No Dirty Deals