Tell Schumer to Confirm Gwynne Wilcox

Republicans want to stop the reconfirmation of National Labor Relations Board member Gwynne Wilcox.

It’s a hot labor summer and America’s workers need help from the NLRB right now. Hollywood writers and actors are on strike. United Auto Workers have authorized a strike.   Meanwhile, new unions like Starbucks Workers United and Amazon Labor Union are facing off against some of the most aggressive illegal union busting in history.

If the Republicans stop Ms. Wilcox from being re-confirmed  the NLRB will be paralyzed because it won’t have enough members to make decisions. That means the NLRB will have its hands tied behind its back, unable to step in and protect striking workers from corporate wrongdoing and illegal union busting.

There couldn’t be a worse time for the NLRB to lose its power to hold corporations accountable than right now. It’s critical we don’t let it happen.