Our Revolution - America’s largest grassroots progressive organization - will mobilize our national network of millions of members and hundreds of local chapters and our progressive allies on Capitol Hill to stop a deal negotiated between Senator Joe Manchin, The American Petroleum Institute (API), and Democratic leadership to fast track permitting of fossil fuel extraction projects, leading to potential catastrophic climate impacts.

While leadership may have felt compelled to agree to Manchin’s “dirty deal” to pass the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the reality is that the IRA has now passed and Democrats owe him nothing for blocking their agenda throughout the 117th Congress.

As of now, the deal will likely be attached to a must-pass Continuing Resolution to fund the US Government that will be voted on by the House before September 30th.

The inclusion of these provisions in a continuing resolution, or any other must-pass legislation, would silence the voices of frontline and environmental justice communities by protecting this API wish-list from scrutiny. These provisions will weaken the National Environmental Policy Act, place public health in even greater jeopardy, and restrict the ability of impacted communities to seek redress and justice through the courts. Additionally, it would effectively zero out any benefits included in the IRA, only two months after leadership in Congress and the administration have been touting it as the ‘largest investment ever’ in combating the climate crisis.

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