Organizing Hub Documentation

Our Revolution Organizing Hub is the main landing page for Our Revolution organizers. It centralizes the tools available for Local Groups, Members, and organizers across the country.

Organizing Hub Dashboard

Organizing Hub Dashboard is the first page you see after you login. It has links to the top tools available to organizers. You can also easily navigate from here to other pages in the Organizing Hub.

groups portal dashboard

Update Group Info

Update Group page allows Group Leaders & Admins to update information about their Group. These updates will display on the public facing group page that is linked to from the Local Groups map.

groups portal manage group page


Our Revolution organizers and candidates can login to the Organizing Hub here. This is the same email and password that is used on the Our Revolution Events platform.

If you need to create an account you can do so here. If you need to reset your password you can do so here.

If you already had a pre-existing password login prior to Organizing Hub launch, then continue to use those credentials.

Email Verification

Some pages such as Manage Group page require email address verification. This is a simple process. First you request email verification in the Organizing Hub. Then you click on the link that is emailed to you. And the last step is you confirm email verification in the Organizing Hub.

If you do not receive the email verification message, check your spam folder.

If you did not request the email verification yourself, do not click on the link in email or confirm email verification.


Need help? You can reach us at