Our Revolution Endorsement Process

The Our Revolution national endorsement process connects our candidates, grassroots, board members, and political team in collective action to advance a progressive electoral agenda. The following guide showcases how to seek a national endorsement. We encourage all progressive champions to apply and seek the Our Revolution national endorsement. Please note that unfortunately, due to capacity, all qualified candidates will not be endorsed. If you have any questions or comments, please email political@ourrevolution.com.

Step #1: Get the Local Our Revolution Group Endorsement!

You must be nominated by at least one local Our Revolution group in your area to be considered for a national endorsement. If there is not group in your area, we encourage you to seek out the nearest Our Revolution affiliate to you. Please visit https://ourrevolution.com/groups/ for the full listing of Our Revolution local groups.

Step #2: Groups Start the National Endorsement Process

Once a group endorses you locally, the group is then able to nominate you for a national endorsement. The group itself must initiate this process. A local group begins the nomination process at https://ourrevolution.com/groups/nominations/ and works with Our Revolution national staff. Their first step is completing an informative group survey.

Step #3: Complete the Questionnaire

Once the group has completed the group survey, Our Revolution national requires candidates to submit an ideological questionnaire. The questionnaire will be sent to the candidate email provided by the group. (Please make sure they have your correct email on file.) Candidates complete the ideological questionnaire and submit on their own. Once submitted, both national and the local group are notified.

Step #4: Internal Process

Once Our Revolution national has your questionnaire, the group will submit the nomination and then the national political team will begin reviewing your application. Our Revolution national conducts additional research and a professional civil and political background check. All nominations are reviewed by Our Revolution President Nina Turner and the Our Revolution Board of Directors’ Political Committee.

Whether you’re nominated or not, we’ll let you know!