Bronx, NY | Bronx County

Concerned Citizens For Change

Group Representative

Gene Binder


We began life as Northwest Bronx For Obama back in 2008 and are now Concerned Citizens For Change. Although we rarely endorse or volunteer for candidates, we worked to elect Bernie during the primary. We hold educational meetings with speakers on issues, try to influence legislators on the federal, state and city levels via visits, demos, phone calls and emails We also support efforts of larger groups suchas the Women's March.

Types of Organizing

Direct Action, Electoral Organizing, Advocating for Legislation or Ballot Measures, Community Organizing

Focus Issues

  • Disability Rights
  • Prescription Drug Prices
  • Strengthen Social Security
  • Medicare for All
  • Caring for Our Veterans
  • Empowering Tribal Nations
  • LGBT Equality
  • Women's Rights
  • Affordable Housing
  • Puerto Rico
  • Racial Justice
  • Climate Change
  • A Living Wage
  • Creating Decent Paying Jobs
  • Immigration
  • Foreign Policy
  • Big Money in Politics
  • College Tuition
  • Income Inequality