Los Angeles, CA | Los Angeles County

Feel the Bern Dem. Club, LA

Group Representative

Melissa Michelson

Meeting Info

Monthly, on the fourth Sunday


Our Mission Statement: By all of our endeavors, we shall seek to grow the community involvement in the Democratic Party by driving the values inherent to a party of the people. We will inspire and foster leadership among progressives in Los Angeles County based on the values championed by Senator Bernie Sanders: People before profits Money out of politics Fight for economic equality Racial and social equality Environmental justice Healthcare and Education as a human right

Types of Organizing

Direct Action, Electoral Organizing, Advocating for Legislation or Ballot Measures, Community Organizing

Focus Issues

  • Net Neutrality
  • Prescription Drug Prices
  • Medicare for All
  • Empowering Tribal Nations
  • LGBT Equality
  • Women's Rights
  • Affordable Housing
  • Racial Justice
  • Climate Change
  • A Living Wage
  • Creating Decent Paying Jobs
  • Big Money in Politics
  • College Tuition
  • Income Inequality