Wasilla, AK | Mat-Su Borough County

Revolution Susitna

Group Representative

Tran S

Meeting Info

Every 2 weeks, each Monday, until 2019-12-05


Revolution Susitna advocates for 100% solar and wind power in Alaska, particularly in rural Alaska. We are also coalescing on throwing the sheep's clothing off the local wolves, regardless of what letter they have on their voter registration card. We believe in ground-up democracy, not top-down democracy, that local issues matter, that all people have the right to basic respect, that health care and privacy are fundamental rights, and that buying elections constitutes treason to all underprivileged people and all positive ideals.

Types of Organizing

Direct Action, Electoral Organizing, Advocating for Legislation or Ballot Measures, Community Organizing, Other

Focus Issues

  • Immigration
  • Puerto Rico
  • Net Neutrality
  • Prescription Drug Prices
  • Medicare for All
  • Affordable Housing
  • Climate Change
  • A Living Wage
  • Foreign Policy
  • Big Money in Politics
  • College Tuition
  • Income Inequality