Our Revolution Membership Policy

I. Preamble

As stated in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Our Revolution (the “Organization”), the Organization is a non-membership organization and shall have no members for purposes of the D.C. Nonprofit Act. However, pursuant to Section 4.01 of the Bylaws and D.C. Nonprofit Act § 29-404.01(c), the Organization will solicit supporters and designate such Persons, as members (“Members,” each, a “Member”) of the Organization, who meet certain criteria, and who, if accepted and acknowledged by the Organization, will enjoy the rights and benefits of membership. The criteria for a Person to qualify as a Member will be (1) either payment of an annual donation or in-person participation at an Organization event, (2) affirmative acceptance of membership terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, affirmation of the goals and purposes of the Organization, and (3) actual acceptance of the Person by the Organization as a Member and acknowledgement by the Organization of such acceptance.

The Board of Directors has adopted this “Membership Policy” (the “Policy”) to promote membership in the Organization, to provide more details on the criteria to qualify as a Member, to govern the rules for membership of the Organization, and to provide guidance to the Organization’s Membership Committee.

II. Membership Committee.

The Board of Directors has established a standing committee, entitled the “Membership Committee,” which has the duty and authority to help formulate this Policy, to implement this Policy, to promote the solicitation and acceptance of Members, and to oversee the Organization’s efforts to provide Members the benefits of membership.

III. Membership Criteria.

(a) The Organization may accept a Person as a Member, who or which meets all of the following criteria:

1. Annual Donation or In-Person Participation at an Organization Event:

(i) An annual donation to the Organization is made by the Person. Satisfaction of this requirement will be determined retroactively to the commencement of the Organization, i.e., any Person who has made a donation to the Organization since the Organization’s commencement satisfies the annual donation requirement for one year from the date of such donation or (ii) in-person participation at an Organization event; and

2. Application; Affirmation; Agreement to Terms and Conditions: An application form is completed and submitted by the Person, as part of which the Person must affirmatively agree to be bound by such terms and conditions as are determined and made public, from time to time, by the Membership Committee. At a minimum, a Member must, as a condition of membership, affirm the goals and purposes of the Organization, commit to support the Organization’s efforts to achieve the Organization’s goals, and agree to take no action with the intention of, hindering, subverting, or disparaging the Organization or its purposes and goals; and

3. Acceptance and Acknowledgement: The Person is accepted by the Organization and acknowledged as a Member in accordance with Section III(b) below.

(b) Acceptance and Acknowledgement. Upon receipt of the annual donation and the application/affirmation or upon in-person receipt of the application/affirmation at an Organization event, the Organization will review the application and determine whether to accept the Person as a Member. When the Organization has decided to accept the Person, then the Organization will acknowledge acceptance of the Person to membership in the Organization by some or all of the following actions: send the new Member a welcoming e-mail, issue a physical or virtual membership card or certificate, include the Member on the Organization’s distribution list for the Organization’s newsletter and/or other publications or notices, and/or provide the Member with customary Organizational merchandise.

(c) The Persons who become Members of the Organization constitute the “membership” of the Organization.

(d) The Organization may refuse membership to any Person, at the Organization’s discretion.

IV. Rights and Benefits of Membership.

(a) Directors and Officers Must be Members. A Person must be a Member of the Organization in order to serve on the Board of Directors of the Organization or to serve as an Officer. For purposes of the commencement of operations of the Organization, a Person who is on the organizational Board and/or who serves as an initial officer, and who has been elected to such position prior the adoption of this Policy, may serve in such position, provided that he or she becomes a Member promptly after the adoption of this Policy.

(b) Engagement: Symbols and Tools of Membership. The Members will receive: (1) visible symbols of being a proud and active participant in the Organization; and (2) actual tools of participation. A Member is entitled to enjoy the following benefits, as may be revised from time to time, by the Board (in consultation with the Membership Committee):

(1) Receive a welcoming e-mail as a new Member;

(2) Receive a physical and/or virtual membership card or certificate;

(3) Be included on the Organization’s distribution list for the Organization’s newsletter, action alerts, and/or other publications or notices, so that the Member has the knowledge and opportunity to participate actively in the Organization’s causes; and/or

(4) Receive Organizational merchandise, such as bumper-stickers, T-shirts, hats, screen savers, and other items.

(c) Except as expressly provided in writing by an affirmative, unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, the Members and the membership shall have no vote on any action or decision of the Organization. The Organization desires to hold, but is not obligated to hold, annual or any other meetings of the Members. A Member shall not have any right to receive non-public information of the Organization.

(d) The Organization must treat all Members in the same manner, with the same rules, rights, benefits, and restrictions.

V. Additional Provisions.

(a) For purposes of this Policy, a “Person” (plural, “Persons”) means an individual natural person (i.e., not a corporation or other entity).

(b) The Organization may, separately, solicit funds and donations from donors, and establish guidelines and categories of donors, which will be distinct from membership in the Organization. The Organization is not obligated to accept a donation from each person who or which desires to make a donation. The Organization may accept donations from persons and entities other than Members.

(c) This Policy will be maintained at the principal office of the Organization and will be made available to Members at reasonable times during normal business hours, upon reasonable notice, and shall be provided promptly to any Member who requests a copy in writing.