Our Story

Bernie Sanders launched Our Revolution — America’s leading grassroots-funded progressive political organizing group — to empower everyday Americans to stand up to the corporate interests that seek to manipulate our government for personal gain.  

Our people-powered movement is advancing the political revolution by carrying out our 5-Point Plan to Win: 

We’re organizing a national network of state and local grassroots groups to fight for change from the bottom-up;

We’re holding politicians in power accountable to putting the needs of working Americans first;  

We’re fighting for progressive policies and taking on corporate power to win health care for all, worker rights, climate justice, voting rights, and more;

We’re electing progressive champions up and down the ballot - from county commissioners to Members of Congress like Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush; 

We’re transforming the Democratic Party into a more progressive party by challenging the influence of the establishment and its big money donors.

5 point plan