Ahead of Final Spring Primary, Our Revolution is Creating A Path for New Progressive Candidates

WASHINGTON-- Today, as 29 Our Revolution endorsed candidates are up for election in Maryland, South Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New York, Our Revolution is making lasting change within the Democratic Party and the progressive movement. From Medicare for All to immigration reform and a $15 minimum wage — every endorsed candidate is committed to fighting for the agenda of the people, not the moneyed interests. With almost 600 groups in 49 states and nine countries, Our Revolution members are organizing to bring about substantive change in their backyards.

As voters go to the polls in Maryland, Our Revolution has 18 nationally endorsed candidates up and down on the ballot including Ben Jealous for Governor, Jamie Raskin for re-election to Congress, Wala Blegay for State Senate, and Marc Elrich for Montgomery County Executive. 

“This election cycle, Our Revolution Maryland’s 8,000 members have endorsed 160 deeply progressive, passionate citizens running for every office in the state on the issues that matter to working families,” said Bob Muehlenkamp, Chair of Our Revolution Maryland. “They have worked day and night for months talking to their neighbors about believing we can change how politics is done in Maryland and we expect a great result tonight.” 

This weekend in Nebraska, climate change activist, rural advocate, and Our Revolution Board Member, Jane Kleeb was re-elected Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

“For too long, corporations and their representatives have been the only folks at the table, and it’s about time the people had a seat at that table, not just a spot on the menu,” said Jane Kleeb. “This weekend, in Nebraska, the Democratic Party adopted resolutions affirming support for the Unity Reform Commission, a key step in the reformation of the Democratic National Committee, in addition to adoption of resolutions affirming support for Medicare for All, DREAMers, the repeal of Citizens United, and more. This is no longer the party of big money and special interests — it’s a party of, for, and by the working people of this country.”

Also this weekend, at the Texas Democratic convention, Our Revolution Texas (ORTX) formed the first Our Revolution caucus to a standing room only crowd, successfully overseeing the adoption of health care for all, criminal justice reform and expanding the education plank in the state platform. In total, ORTX sent 651 delegates to the convention and elected Mike Floyd as Texas Democratic Party Treasurer.

“Our Revolution Texas continues to break through the establishment's political barriers with its grassroots surge of people power, scoring dramatic victories for populist policies and a more democratic process at last weekend's state Democratic convention,” Our Revolution Board Member Jim Hightower said. “ORTX is not just protesting corporate control of government policy, it is rallying the progressive majority to BECOME the government.”

In states all across the country, Our Revolution is empowering people where they are to get organized and have a real, lasting effect in their communities. In an atmosphere where the largest checks get the most say, it’s people power that will truly transform this nation and return it to a democracy of, by, and for working families. Our Revolution is nearly 600 groups strong in 49 states, empowered and backed by hundreds of thousands of members — and the political revolution is just getting started.

Our Revolution supports progressive champions at every level of government. By supporting candidates backed by people, not corporations, we are aiming to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families.