Bernie Sanders-Inspired Group Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary and Boasts a Near 50 Percent Win Rate for Endorsed Candidates

WASHINGTON – Our Revolution, the political entity founded by Sen. Bernie Sanders today announced unprecedented growth during the organization’s first 24 months of existence. Click here for statistics on Our Revolution's second year. Of the 153 races so far this year 74 candidates won their primaries. Our Revolution local groups are also growing in communities with over 600 local groups in 49 states and nine countries. 

“Since our inception, Our Revolution staff and local groups have supported a new generation of progressive leaders, and empowered leaders in communities all over the world to fight for progressive change,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “To ensure that the American political and economic systems are responsive to working families, we have recruited and partnered with countless individuals to either run for elected office or push elected officials to put the interests of working families first.”

In a pre-election media conference call held Aug. 22, the organization highlighted its victories and discussed its newly-created political action committee before pivoting to discuss electoral plans for the upcoming midterms.

“From Cynthia Nixon and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York to IIhan Omar in Minnesota and Rashida Harbi Tlaib in Michigan, Our Revolution-endorsed candidates are proving that being a nontraditional candidate is not a liability in electoral politics,” Turner added. “Our endorsed candidates are often female, running for office for the first time, people of color or religious minorities. They are demonstrating that campaigning on the issues that matter most to voters is indeed a winning strategy.” 

To receive an endorsement from Our Revolution, candidates must take four steps:
Step 1: Request and receive the endorsement of a local Our Revolution group
Step 2: The OR local group begins the national endorsement process
Step 3: Candidates seeking the national endorsement complete an endorsement questionnaire
Step 4: The national OR launches internal process to make endorsement decisions

“Our Revolution has a long-term strategy to build a progressive movement,” said Our Revolution board member Jane Kleeb and Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party. “Our recent victories are in states that are too easily written off by the political establishment. Candidates like James Thompson in Kansas, Stacey Abrams, khalid kamau, Shelly Hutchinson, Sheikh Raman and Lisa Ring in Georgia, Paulette Jordan in Idaho, these are  all candidates who spoke directly to the needs of working families in their communities, candidates who ran on platforms that would substantially improve the lives of everyday people, and they won. Our ideas can anywhere, and that’s why our local groups are organizing all across the country.”

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