Cynthia Nixon’s Candidacy Will Inspire Others to Run for Elected Office

WASHINGTON – Our Revolution on Tuesday applauded Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial bid, declaring she has cleared ways for nontraditional, yet progressive, candidates to run for elected office. In addition, Nixon’s campaign continually pushed Governor Cuomo to the left on marijuana legalization, affordable housing, and ending the Independent Democratic Conference that often blocked progressive legislation. While the votes are still being counted, Nixon has surpassed the percentage of votes won by Zephyr Teachout in 2014 primary. Our Revolution President, and former State Senator, Nina Turner issued the following statement on Nixon’s campaign:

“Campaigning is a testament of character and courage. Cynthia Nixon is an accomplished actress, advocate, and patriot. She willingly took on one of the most powerful governors in the nation. Despite the outcome of her election, her bravery will inspire others.

“For women, African Americans, LGBTQ individuals, persons with disabilities and religious minorities, there are always a long list of reasons not to seek elected office. One of the biggest barriers these candidates face is well-funded incumbents who are backed by the Democratic establishment. In addition to being advised to wait for one’s turn, or that one is incapable of winning, these candidates sometimes face character assassination and intimidation. 

“Despite the odds facing her, Cynthia Nixon took on entrenched interests and ran a commendable campaign. She won a higher percentage of votes than anticipated, and the progressive movement is hopeful she will run again. Nixon took principled stands for progressive values and we know her candidacy has changed the landscape for political campaigning. She is a source of hope for others considering runs for elected office.”