Press Release

Former Senator Nina Turner Weighs in On Her Work at Our Revolution

WASHINGTON – Following media reports on personnel and leadership matters at Our Revolution, Senator Nina Turner, president of the organization, today released the following statement:

“As you may know, Politico published an article impugning my leadership and questioning the effectiveness of Our Revolution. While there were many false assertions surfaced in the article, I want to focus on a couple of particular points.  

“First, the comments made by Tezlyn Figaro are not beliefs espoused by myself or Our Revolution. I understand that we all have room to grow and evolve, and while we encourage growth, I am committed to maintaining a work environment that is safe and supportive for all. Tezlyn has publicly apologized for her comments and while she is still part of our paid staff, the matter is under advisement by myself and the Our Revolution board of directors.

“Relatedly, this organization has a strong history of standing firmly with undocumented immigrants. We have not and will not abandon immigrant individuals and families, and I look forward to continuing working with our board of directors and staff to strengthen this work.

"Let me also share that I was sorry to see Erika Andiola's statement last night. I have the utmost respect for her commitment to immigrant justice, and I wish her the absolute best. Given the sensitivity of personnel matters, I am unable to comment further.

“Finally, the other allegations in the article (that our fundraising is down or that I am using my position to run for political office) are categorically false. For an organization that has existed for less than two years, we are doing impressively well. This is evidenced by our 45 percent electoral success rate and the incredible growth of local grassroots groups to almost 600 with several international groups. Like any new organization, we are learning and growing each day, but the best is yet to come.

“In conclusion, while the comments about me and my leadership are disappointing, I am focused on the task at hand – supporting progressive groups, issues, and candidates. Our Board of Directors and staff remain committed to moving the progressive revolution forward and transforming our nation’s political system. On the heels of critical midterm elections, we can’t afford to do anything less.”