Press Release

More than 30,000 Attend 150+ ACA Rallies Across the Country

WASHINGTON -- On Saturday more than 30,000 supporters attended over 150 events in 120 congressional districts across the country in support of the Affordable Care Act. Our Revolution called the turnout "an inspiring display of resistance and a warning to Republicans" who threaten the law.

"If Republicans are successful in repealing the ACA, 30 million people could be thrown off of health care, Medicaid will see massive cuts, and prescription drug costs will go up for seniors," said Executive Director Shannon Jackson. "Our elected officials should be working to expand coverage and move towards a Medicare for All system, not throw millions off of the health insurance they currently have. This is why tens of thousands of people showed up at rallies from coast to coast in order to have their voices heard this weekend. People understand such cuts will affect someone you know. Whether it's your family member, your coworker, your neighbor; we all have a reason to fight."

The turnout reflects shifting attitudes towards the ACA. Support has reached an all-time high, with a recent Pew Research survey showing that 54% of the American people support the landmark health care law.

Our Revolution partnered with OFA, PCCC, PDA, Healthcare Now, DFA, NNU, American Family Voices, WFP, Bold Alliance, Alliance for Retired Americans, and MoveOn to educate and mobilize supporters of the ACA and a move towards a Medicare for All system.