New Website Highlights Extent of Wall Street Influence in White House

Despite Campaign Promises to Drain the Swamp, Trump Names Enough Wall Street Executives to Field a Baseball Team 

WASHINGTON – As spring training kicks off, Our Revolution on Friday launched, a site that aims to shed light on the fact that President Trump has surrounded himself with enough Wall Street executives to field an entire baseball team.

“They’ve already spent a combined 200 years serving the interests of the wealthiest few, and now they’re forming a new team in Washington: The Wall Street Lackeys,” the site reads. “Their first and only opponent? The American people.”

The site explores the lineup of players, their positions, stats, and their former clubs. Team members hail from firms ranging from Goldman Sachs to Bear Stearns, and JP Morgan Chase.

"As a candidate for president, Donald Trump promised to 'drain the swamp.' As president, Trump has dredged up every Wall Street and Goldman Sachs swamp creature he can find to fill the economic positions in his administration,” said Jeff Weaver, president of Our Revolution. “The American people are smart, and they deserve to know what’s really going on -- the game is rigged against them whenever we let Wall Street executives take the reins.” 

The site allows users to “play [the Lackeys’] game” and try their luck going to bat against pitcher Jay Clayton, the Wall Street lawyer in line to be the chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our Revolution encourages users to give it a go, “but remember, when you’re up against the Wall Street Lackeys, the game is always rigged.”

“Just as news reports are emerging saying that Trump is getting skittish about the number of Wall Street executives in his White House, we thought it would be helpful to remind people just who exactly is roaming the halls,” said Weaver. “He’s putting the very people who perpetrated the financial crisis of 2008 in charge of the nation’s economy. Baseball is America’s pastime, but this is not America’s team.”

The site encourages those frustrated by the rigged game to sign up to volunteer, saying "Our Revolution will continue to fight for economic justice and against the oligopoly that controls so much and expects even more – join our fight today."