No Corporate Money? No Problem. Skelton Inspires Movement in Central Missouri

Around the country, Our Revolution’s local groups are mobilizing to elect progressive champions at all levels of government. Many of those groups, like Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri, began as local activists banding together to support the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. Today, they have shifted gears and stayed together to carry on the political revolution in their communities.

For the last several months, Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri has been hard at work canvassing, phone banking and turning out voters for their first endorsed candidate, Michela Skelton (election August 8th). Michela is a former state delegate for Bernie Sanders 2016 now running for state legislature in District 50 on a platform of putting people over corporate interests and restoring workers’ rights in Missouri.

No Democrat has challenged District 50’s state legislative seat since it was gerrymandered in 2011. Michela’s campaign, with Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri’s support, has flipped conventional wisdom on its head—she’s managed to run a competitive campaign while rejecting corporate PAC money and out-fundraise her PAC-backed opponent. The average donation to Michela’s campaign is only $64.

Vote Michela Skelton

“I am a single mother, work 10-hour days and help to organize Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri. Michela Skelton has earned every moment of my time and efforts,” said Debbie Dilks, Chair of Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri. “When I canvass, I see relief on the faces of some that had given up on any forthcoming help. And excitement from others when they heard how she was working hard to earn their votes.”

In recent months, Missouri’s Republican-controlled state government has taken radical steps to roll back workers’ rights. Early on in 2017, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signed signed into law a union-busting “right-to-work” measure, severely limiting the bargaining rights and power of Missouri workers. Later in 2017, the state legislature passed and Gov. Greitens promised to enact a bill banning cities from raising their own minimum wage. Skelton has run on a platform to reverse both of these anti-worker bills.

“Michela is going to do the right thing for her constituents without playing politics and lining her pockets. I wish that was a given with our legislators, but sadly I don’t think that has been the case in our legislature for some time,” said canvasser Jamie Blair.

“Michela’s the real deal,” added canvasser Holly Bickmeyer. “She's everything we need in our elected officials and I'm just glad I have someone local who actually inspires me to work to get her elected.”

Vote Michela Skelton

Regardless of the result on Tuesday, Michela’s election has already had the effect of galvanizing a movement to work for real change. In a region where too many feel left behind by establishment politics, inspiring campaigns like Michela’s and organized local groups like Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri are certain to have a lasting impact.

Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri will also be supporting three critical ballot measures for 2018: The Referendum Against Right to Work, legalizing medical marijuana, and the Clean Missouri campaign reform initiative. But for now, they’re focused on knocking on more doors and turning out every last voter that they can for Michela’s election on Tuesday, August 8th.

As Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri board member Amanda Jensen put it, “Michela Skelton is the people's candidate, and that's why she is my candidate.”

Our Revolution: Mid-Missouri holds a monthly meeting of members and volunteers every first Wednesday of the month. Anyone who donates any amount to the organization is given membership. To be a voting member, you must attend at least two consecutive meetings in a calendar year. Learn more at

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