Press Release

Our Revolution Announces Recently Endorsed New York Candidates


WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Monday celebrates its support for 9 revolutionary candidates across the state of New York. While Our Revolution endorsed candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Liuba Grechen Shirley have pulled off major victories and are advancing to the general election, many of our endorsed candidates continue to campaign for their upcoming primaries in September.

Our Revolution’s recently endorsed candidates in New York:

  • Cynthia Nixon, Governor of New York
  • Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, U.S. Congress, CD-14
  • Alessandra Biaggi, State Senate, SD-34
  • Jessica Ramos, State Senate, SD-13
  • Rachel May, State Senate, SD-53
  • Jasmine Robinson, State Senate, SD-23
  • Julia Salazar, State Senate, SD-18
  • Dana Balter, U.S. Congress, CD-24
  • Liuba Grechen Shirley, U.S. Congress, CD-2

“This year, Our Revolution local groups across the Empire State have supported progressive candidates up and down the ballot by knocking on doors, getting out the vote, and bringing the political revolution straight to their neighborhoods,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner

She added “Nearly all of these candidates are taking on political machines - both Democrat and Republican - to fight the corruption and backdoor deal-making that pervade Albany and Washington politics. The growing efforts to unseat the Independent Democratic Conference members who prevent progressive legislative change demonstrate that the people of New York will not stand for cronyism anymore - no matter who controls the legislature and governorship."

A full list of all of Our Revolution’s endorsed candidates can be found here: 

Our Revolution supports progressive champions at every level of government. By supporting candidates up and down the ballot, we are aiming to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families.