Our Revolution Applauds DNC Move Toward Ending Superdelegates


WASHINGTON-- On Wednesday,  the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee overwhelmingly supported a resolution that all superdelegates stand down from nomination on the first ballot in the 2020 Democratic presidential convention.

“I want to congratulate Chair Tom Perez and the members of the Rules and ByLaws Committee for voting this monumental resolution. This is a huge step towards making our presidential primary process more democratic,” said Our Revolution Board Chair and Vice-Chair of the Unity Reform Commission Larry Cohen. “This resolution will give the power to decide our next democratic nominee to the millions of voters participating in primaries and caucuses. I urge Congressional members of the Democratic Caucus to support this resolution so DNC members will know where they stand before they vote on August 25 in Chicago.”

Our Revolution and six other organizations including MoveOn, Roots Action,  Progressive Democrats of America, National Nurses United, Demand Progress and Democracy for America sent over 35,000 petition signatures asking DNC members to support ending superdelegates voting on the first ballot in the presidential election.

Proposals on caucus and primary reform, as well as party reform, are critical in our efforts to reform the Democratic Party. The proposals now go to the August DNC meeting and voting by the 447 DNC members.

Click here to read the full Unity Reform Commission report.