Our Revolution on Army Corps’ Decision to Block Dakota Access Pipeline Route

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Sunday released the following statements after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said that it will not grant an easement for the Dakota Access pipeline:

"Our Native American brothers, sisters and allies have spoken through prayerful direct action. Today the U.S. government has listened. Water is indeed sacred and must continue to be protected. Our future greatly depends upon it."

Deborah Parker, Our Revolution Board Member

"Today's decision clearly demonstrates the power of the political revolution. When people come together from all walks of life-- veterans, Native Americans, environmentalists, farmers, young and old-- to protect the health of our planet and generations to come, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. This victory sends a clear signal to those at the top: we are united and not giving up. We will continue to stand together and expect the decisions made by our government to benefit all of us, not just the rich and corporations."

Shannon Jackson, Executive Director

“Water protectors prayed, held the line and today celebrate the Obama Administration’s bold step to reject the Dakota Access pipeline easement. As farmers head into court to protect their land from eminent domain abuse, their backbones are stiffened with the strength of the Obama Administration acknowledgement that an environmental review of the pipeline was never conducted. The unlikely alliances across our country are unified to protect the land and water from these risky and unnecessary pipelines. The Great Sioux Nation put out the unifying call 'Water is Life' and the country answered.”  

Jane Kleeb, Our Revolution Board Member

"After the dogs, the freezing water, the rubber bullets, and arrests - Justice at last." 

James Zogby, Our Revolution Board Member