Our Revolution on California Assembly District Election Results

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution sent more than 110,000 emails and 40,000 peer-to-peer text messages in January in an effort to mobilize Democratic voters for California's local elections. On Monday the group congratulated the more than 600 progressive delegates who were elected to California's Democratic Party leadership at the state's Assembly District Election Meetings this weekend.

"This past weekend, we saw the power of grassroots organizing in California," said Our Revolution Executive Director Shannon Jackson. "Whether it was spreading the word among peers or volunteering to run -- these victories are a testament to what we can accomplish when we stand together."

In December, Our Revolution launched a reorganization web tool to inform supporters of opportunities to run for thousands of leadership positions open within local parties. After identifying 30 counties with open positions in California, Our Revolution sent more than 15,000 emails and 11,000 peer to peer text messages encouraging eligible supporters to run for open positions.

"Our Revolution helped raise awareness of the ADEMs and was the 'secret weapon' in our 'Get Out the Vote' efforts," said Alexis Edelstein of Berniecrats of California. "Having a national organization rally around our grassroots efforts gave us the ability to magnify our message across the entire state."

In January, Our Revolution's web resource allowed voters to find their voting location and learn more about the candidates in their district. Our Revolution teamed up with the DemEnter and California Progressives statewide slate to support strong progressives get the word out to supporters who are committed to creating positive change within the Democratic party.

"We must continue to work towards electing local leaders who will work tirelessly for social and economic justice," Jackson added. "The results of this weekend should send a clear message about the power of our grassroots movement."