Press Release

Our Revolution Calls on Democratic Senators to Use Full 30 Hours of Debate for Trump Cabinet Nominees

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Monday asked supporters to call their Democratic senators to encourage them to use the full 30 hours for debate on President Trump’s cabinet picks.

"Our Democratic leaders must stand up against Trump’s reign of terror," said Executive Director Shannon Jackson. "That’s why Our Revolution is partnering with 60 organizations in calling on Senate Democrats to join us in the resistance. There are 1,450 days until Trump leaves office. That means 1,450 days of fighting back against his radical agenda for our nation and the world."

Last week, Trump forced the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines back into the conversation, took action to defund sanctuary cities, and signed what is effectively a Muslim ban. 

"Over the weekend, thousands took to the streets, standing in solidarity with communities threatened by the executive orders and in defense of our environment," Jackson continued. "Today we need you to channel that same energy and passion and call upon our Democratic Senators to fight against Trump’s agenda."

Our Revolution believes that Trump's nomination of Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions to important cabinet positions puts our education and justice systems at risk.

"These departments must be led by qualified people who will protect them. Our very democracy is at risk -- and we must fight back," Jackson said. "Every hour the Senate delays is one less hour for Trump and his cronies to cause more damage to our economy and our values."