Our Revolution Candidates Win Primaries Nationwide

WASHINGTON--Our Revolution candidates claimed five victories in Tuesday’s primary elections in Nevada, Virginia, and South Carolina. All of Our Revolution’s endorsed candidates support Medicare for All, a $15 minimum wage, increasing renewable energy, and reforming our criminal justice system. From Congress to County Council, they will fight to enact policies that will make these reforms a reality for working people. 

“From Nevada to South Carolina and Virginia, Our Revolution candidates are running races backed by people, not corporate donors or special interests,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner.  “As we head into the midterm elections we are proud to stand on the side of working people and will continue to endorse candidates who will do the people’s work once elected to office. It is notable that our victories included wins in South Carolina and Virginia. If we want to see real change in our country, it’s vital that we organize in every state, every city, and every zip code.” 

Our Revolution backed primary victories:

  • Tick Segerblom, former chair of Nevada’s Sanders presidential campaign, won by about 200 votes in his race for Clark County Council. Segerblom was backed by much of organized labor and also endorsed by Nevada Planned Parenthood, Nevada NOW, and Sierra Club Southern Nevada. 
  • Mal Hyman, a college professor and nonprofit board member advanced to a run-off election in South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. 
  • Mary Smith Geren, an award-winning technical college educator, won her primary for US Congress, in South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District with 70 percent of the vote. She will face Jeff Duncan, the anti-choice and anti-immigrant incumbent in the fall. 
  • Anthony Flaccavento, a farmer and small business owner, garnered nearly 80 percent of the primary vote in his race to represent Virginia’s 9th Congressional District.
  • Jennifer Lewis, a mental health worker, community advocate, and leader in the fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline beat her nearest competitor by over 20 points and received nearly half the votes. Lewis is running for Congress in Virginia's 6th District.

See all of Our Revolution’s currently endorsed 2018 candidates here

Our Revolution supports progressive champions at every level of government. By supporting candidates backed by people, not corporations, we are aiming to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families. With this election, we are one step closer to accomplishing that goal.