Our Revolution Celebrates Medicare For All Act of 2019

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Wednesday announced their support for Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s Medicare For All Act of 2019. The Act has over 100 co-sponsors with more members expected to sign on in the coming days. It is an updated version of H.R. 676 that if passed would be immediately ready for implementation. This bill would make the country's existing popular and proven health program for seniors--Medicare--even bigger and better and extends it to every single person living in the United States.

“There is something fundamentally wrong with any system where diabetics ration their insulin, a heart attack costs patients over $100,000 out of pocket, and where ambulances are turned away because patients cannot afford the cost,” said Dr. Heather Gautney, Executive Director of Our Revolution. “With public support for single-payer health care at an all-time high, we are excited to finally have a comprehensive piece of legislation that would instantly create the first just and equitable healthcare system this country has seen. Rep. Jayapal’s Act is the first step towards creating a system that works for the many while preventing the senseless and cruel deaths of those who our current system leaves behind.”

Our Revolution groups and partner organizations like National Nurses United have spent weeks urging their members of Congress to co-sponsor the Act. Volunteers sent tens of thousands of text messages and hosted hundreds of events from coast to coast to grow grassroots support. 

“Our Revolution members and local groups will continue to work to get more co-sponsors and build support to get this critical bill voted on and implemented,” Gautney added. “We will continue to build a national movement so lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will be forced to carry out the will of the people.”

The Medicare for All Act of 2019 provides comprehensive health care coverage, including all preventative and primary care, hospital and outpatient services, prescription drugs, mental health, and substance abuse treatment, dental and vision, medical equipment, long-term care, and more.