Our Revolution Celebrates Sen. Sanders' Decision to Run for President

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Tuesday celebrated Sen. Bernie Sanders' announcement that he will seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. Since January, Our Revolution and progressive organizations across the progressive spectrum came together to host hundreds of live stream house parties and community barnstorms organizing people to encourage Sen. Sanders to run. 

“Time and time again, Sen. Sanders has shown up for working people of all backgrounds who have been left behind by those at the very top,” said Our Revolution President, Nina Turner. “For over three decades he has championed issues like Medicare for All, combating climate change, and increasing the minimum wage. There is no other elected official that has so consistently answered the call to serve everyday people than Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

With over 600 local groups in all 50 states and nine countries, Our Revolution is uniquely prepared to mobilize voters across the country and abroad to support Sen. Sanders in the Democratic primary. 

“For the past two and a half years, Our Revolution local groups have been organizing in their communities, building power, achieving victories, and hoping for this announcement,” said Our Revolution Chair of the Board, Larry Cohen. “The coalitions they’ve entered into and relationships they’ve built have placed them in a unique position to organize across the progressive movement to build an active and engaged grassroots network. Now is the time for us to draw on these connections, rallying behind Sen. Sanders as he runs for the Democratic nomination.”