Our Revolution Chair Larry Cohen on Trump Administration’s NAFTA Renegotiations

WASHINGTON--Our Revolution Board Chair and former President of the CWA Larry Cohen released the following statement in response to the release of the text of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement:

“This new trade deal with Mexico and Canada includes some important steps forward for workers in all three countries. Most important is reigning in NAFTA’s outrageous corporate Investor-State Dispute Settlement tribunals which allow corporations to get hundreds of millions of dollars in reparations if they sue, based on claims that government action has harmed their profits.

“NAFTA destroyed our economy, wrecked communities all across this country and we welcome it’s renegotiation while recognizing there is much more work to do. This new deal if not amended continues many pitfalls from NAFTA including giving more handouts to Big Pharma and no clear way to enforce key aspects of the new deal.

“We have the same message for Republicans and so-called free trade corporate Democrats: It’s time for fair trade that puts workers and our communities first. We have opposed every president since 1993 on their corporate trade agenda. There is finally some progress but we need further improvements.”