Our Revolution Condemns President Trump’s Op-Ed on Medicare for All

WASHINGTON — Our Revolution on Wednesday condemned an op-ed from President Trump denouncing Medicare for All. Today in the United States, nearly 28 million people do not have health insurance and tens of millions more are underinsured. Meanwhile, in spite of the prohibitively high cost of health care, we face worse health care outcomes than other countries. With these staggering statistics, it is no surprise that the majority of Americans, 60 percent, actually support Medicare for All.

Statement from Sen. Nina Turner, President, Our Revolution:

“President Trump’s op-ed shows how scared those in power are of our growing movement to make health care a human right in this country. His fear-mongering will not stop our movement. Too many people in this country are unable to access the health care they need and no op-ed is going to change their lived experience.

“The truth is that the only way we will successfully transform our health care system is when we transform our political system. The insurance industry has for years supported elected officials on both sides of the aisle to ensure our health care system lines their pockets, while millions are forced to go without prescription drugs, mental health care, or dental care. While the insurance industry and the politicians they support lie to the American people, Our Revolution will continue to organize for Medicare for All and support candidates who believe that health care is a human right."