Our Revolution Endorses John Heenan for U.S. House of Representatives

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Thursday announced its endorsement of John Heenan for Montana’s at-large U.S. House seat. He is endorsed by Our Revolution local groups Gallatin Progressive Action Network and Our Revolution Bozeman. Heenan is a consumer protection lawyer who has represented working Montanans against powerful companies including banks, insurance companies, debt collectors, and payday lenders throughout his career. 

“John Heenan is a fierce advocate for the working-class folks that make Montana great,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “He has dedicated his life to putting people before profits by prosecuting corporations that have gotten too greedy at the expense of working people. In addition, he has been an integral part of the Billings activist community for years. The people of Montana would do well to elect a dedicated public servant like John Heenan to Congress.”

In 2015, Heenan volunteered his time on behalf of the State of Montana to prosecute several politicians accused of corruption with Koch Brothers' backed organizations. Their prosecution of these cases was highlighted by the conviction of former Montana majority leader Art Wittich, who was the first politician in Montana convicted of campaign finance violation. 

Our Revolution supports progressive champions at every level of government. By supporting candidates up and down the ballot, we are aiming to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families.