Press Release

Our Revolution Endorses Lawrence Krasner for Philadelphia’s District Attorney

WASHINGTON-- Our Revolution on Thursday endorsed Lawrence Krasner for Philadelphia district attorney.

“Criminal justice reform relies on grassroots efforts and cooperation with the state actors who decide what is or is not a crime and who will be or who won’t be heard,” said Executive Director Shannon Jackson. “Philadelphia voters have the opportunity to be heard in this election, and Our Revolution is honored to endorse a candidate that’s been listening for the last 30 years-- Lawrence Krasner.”

An alumnus of the University of Chicago and Stanford Law School, Krasner has proven time and again his dedication to civil rights. As a law student, he exclusively served as counsel or representation in criminal cases involving indigenous, homeless, and economically disadvantaged individuals. After working for the Federal Public Defender’s Office, Krasner opened his law practice in Center City, where he has fearlessly filed over 75 civil rights lawsuits against the police for mistreatment and abuse. An advocate for free expression, Krasner has consistently fought to uphold the First Amendment, protect acts of civil disobedience, and defend the rights of immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, and the handicapable.

As district attorney, Krasner promises to work in his own backyard to end mass incarceration, stand up for fundamental legal protections for all Philadelphians, end the criminalization of drug addiction, abolish the death penalty, and establish healthy relationships between the community and local law enforcement.

“The progress of criminal justice reform is decided locally,” Jackson added. “And for Philadelphia, it starts with a decision to vote for Lawrence Krasner.”