Press Release

Our Revolution Endorses Rita Moore for Portland Public School Board, Zone 4

WASHINGTON-- Our Revolution on Thursday endorsed Rita Moore to represent Zone 4 on the Portland Public School Board.

“In order to effect community-driven change we cannot ignore our school districts’ boards,” said Executive Director Shannon Jackson. “Decisions made by leaders in these positions are crucial in determining how the broader community will progress. Our Revolution is honored to endorse Rita Moore to represent Zone 4 on the Portland Public School Board.”

Moore brings experience as a parent of a student in Portland Public Schools (PPS), as well as a leader on various organizing committees for PPS and with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to her overall approach to school leadership.

Moore has called a good education “my ticket out of poverty” saying she’s committed to ensuring that public education remains “a source of hope and a path for achievement” for all children.

Having spent the last 15 years as a mother, foster care advocate, and a policy leader in the PPS system, Moore is focused on creating safe and healthy schools that offer students and parents responsive board leadership and school environments that promote the safe and healthy development of children.

“Schools make decisions that can shape a community,” Jackson added. “It’s time to elect progressive leaders like Rita Moore, who understand just how much of a difference education can make in the development of tomorrow’s leaders.”