Press Release

Our Revolution Endorses the Stop Political Dirty Money Amendment

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Friday announced its endorsement of the Arizona statewide ballot measure, the Stop Political Dirty Money Amendment. If passed, it would require all individual or non-profit spending over $10,000 to disclose the original source of the contribution and any intermediary sources. In addition, it would also mandate public disclosure of all contributors who give $2,500 or more to influence elections in a two-year election cycle, regardless of whether their contributions passed through any intermediaries.

“Our Revolution is proud to support this groundbreaking constitutional amendment,” said Our Revolution Board Chair, Larry Cohen. “The democratic process our country is built upon is jeopardized by the lack of transparency that comes with undisclosed political contributions. For too long special interests have had unfair influence in the state legislative process with little disclosure or accountability. By passing this amendment the people of Arizona will know who is contributing to their elections and will better be able to hold their elected officials accountable."

The measure is also endorsed by Our Revolution local groups across the state including, Our Revolution East Valley, Our Revolution West Valley, Our Revolution Phoenix, Our Revolution Tempe, Our Revolution Yuma, and Our Revolution Valley of the Sun.

Our Revolution supports progressive champions at every level of government. By supporting candidates up and down the ballot, we are aiming to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families.