Press Release

Our Revolution endorses three candidates for San Antonio City Council

WASHINGTON-- Our Revolution on Thursday endorsed three candidates for seats on San Antonio’s City Council: Robert Feria for District 1, Rick Treviño for District 6, and John Courage for District 9.

“The political decisions that most directly impact the day-to-day life of individuals often occur at the local level -- which is why we’re focused on elevating strong progressives who are working towards change in their own backyards,” said Our Revolution Political Director Erika Andiola. “All three candidates have proven commitment and skill in challenging the establishment and empowering people at the community level to engage politically. We’re honored  to endorse these candidates for San Antonio’s City Council.”

The candidates:

Robert Feria

Born into a working class Latino community in southern California, Robert Feria was inspired to pursue public service by his family’s resilience in the face of hardship. Throughout his schooling, Feria organized students and community members to address inequality and make their voices heard. Feria has since worked as a labor organizer and advocate for public service employees, with extensive experience in education. Feria served as a coordinator for “San Antonio for Sanders” and wants to continue to fight for blue collar representation in politics.

Rick Treviño

A leader in both the private and public sectors in the fight for a living wage, Rick Treviño was inspired by his experience as a high school teacher and community organizer to run to represent District 6. Treviño has proven his dedication to public service through his efforts to engage his students and community members in combating food deserts by establishing farmer’s markets throughout the city. Rick helped mobilize local progressives by helping to establish “San Antonio for Sanders” during the 2016 election. Rick Treviño hopes to restore faith in local government by addressing inequality with sustainable solutions and empowering residents to make their voices heard.

John Courage

After serving in the Air Force and volunteering in youth shelters throughout his college career, John Courage channeled his passion for strengthening communities by making advocacy his life’s work. Courage has represented educators in San Antonio in various leadership roles on local and national boards and has been instrumental in establishing literacy centers throughout the city. Courage has tirelessly fought for increased access to education and encourages increased dialogue between local government leaders and the community. Courage is ready to get to work improving public safety, protecting small businesses, and advocating for social justice.