Press Release

Our Revolution Endorses Two Special Election Congressional Candidates

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Saturday announced its support for two candidates running for state congressional seats in special elections taking place in Kansas and Montana:

“We’ve made the mistake of thinking of certain seats as ‘safely Republican’ for far too long,” said Executive Director Shannon Jackson. “It’s time that we put up a real fight for progressives in red states, starting by elevating local candidates committed to helping their neighbors at the grassroots level. Our Revolution is proud to support these candidates who are ready to fight for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice in their own backyards.”

The Candidates:

Rob Quist won the Democratic nomination to fill the Montana Congressional seat left open by Ryan Zinke’s nomination for Secretary of the Interior. Quist is native of rural Montana, an award winning musician, and an avowed supporter of Bernie Sanders’ political revolution-- it was outspoken locals like him who helped Sanders win 51 percent of the vote in Montana. While Quist’s Montana values of hard work, family, and community inform his robust political platform. Quist is committed to standing up for ranchers and farmers who currently receive the lowest prices for their grain and stock, union workers who continue to fight for the middle class, teachers who continue to be underpaid, Native Peoples who deserve self-determination and sovereign land, small business owners who need streamlined tax codes, and the many Montanans who rely on Social Security and Medicare. Quist has also demonstrated a clear commitment to justice for women, the LGBTQ+ community, and the environment. Our Revolution, alongside Senator Jon Tester and former Governor Schweitzer, is honored to support him for Montana’s At-Large Congressional Seat.

James Thompson is running for U.S. House in Kansas District 4, where Bernie Sanders won 70 percent of the vote in the primary election. Thompson is no stranger to adversity, having risen from homelessness during his childhood and going on to join the U.S. Army, serving as a member of the Presidential Honor Guard. Now, he works as a civil rights attorney in Wichita, where he defends the rights of regular people every day. Thompson is running for Congress because the opportunities afforded him helped change his life, and he believes that those opportunities need to be available to everybody. His plan for Kansas involves diversifying its local economy starting by helping the aviation industry thrive; elevating poor families by fully funding public schools and making higher education cheaper and more accessible; and standing up for the rights of Kansas veterans who continue to be overlooked by D.C. officials. Our Revolution is honored to help mobilize voters in support Thompson, someone who believes in the progressive platform that Our Revolution supporters pushed for in 2016.