Our Revolution Groups Continue Fight for Universal Health Care in California

The California 2017 legislative year ended without the Healthy California Act (SB 562) moving forward. This much-needed legislation would provide universal health care to the 15 million Californians who remain uninsured or struggle to afford basic medical care.  Now, for the bill to move forward, we must continue to build our powerful movement and make sure our leaders (who say they support single payer) step up and make it a reality in 2018.

Our Revolution groups across California, along with The California Nurses Association, and the Healthy California campaign are launching grassroots canvassing actions in all 80 state Assembly districts this month. Canvassers will listen to their neighbors' concerns about health care and connect them to the growing movement for universal health care.

OR Groups and NNU Fight for SB562

The statewide actions are part of a campaign organizing that's been underway in many California communities prior to, and since, the California Speaker of the Assembly, Anthony Rendon, refused to let SB 562 move forward in the State Assembly. Supporters have conducted numerous visits to their representatives in district offices, held town halls, and canvassed in many cities including Apple Valley, Bakersfield, Bell, Eureka, Fresno, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Paramount, Patterson, Roseville, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Sonora, South Gate, Torrance, Ventura, Whittier, and Woodland Hills.     

In Santa Rosa, more than 120 people showed up to learn about how they can get involved in the movement for universal health care. Registered nurses Tammy Hinckley, Karen McNair, and others told very compelling stories about patients and about their own personal struggles with the current broken health care system.

OR Groups and NNU Fight for SB562

In addition to canvasses, Our Revolution, the Nurses Association and dozens of partners have launched HealthyCA Town Halls around the state and hundreds participating. Many who came shared heartbreaking stories of having insurance they couldn’t afford to use, mothers and kids without healthcare because they missed a Medi-Cal form they needed to fill out, dental problems which led to major health issues, and mental health services denied because insurance does not provide coverage.

The fight for universal health care in California needs all hands on deck. Join a local group in California and get involved in the movement for Medicare for All.

Just like Our Revolution local groups in California, Our Revolution local groups all over the country are fighting to expand access to health care, raise the minimum wage, reduce income and wealth inequality, and end big money in politics.

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