Our Revolution: New Poll Shows Movement for Medicare for All is Winning

WASHINGTON--Our Revolution on Friday touted the results of a recent Reuters-Ipsos poll finding that the overwhelming majority of Americans, 70 percent of American support the groups banner issues, Medicare for All. 

“The fact that 7 in 10 Americans favor Medicare for All is a direct result of the work progressive activists and leaders have been putting in for years,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. “We must  give credit to Sen. Sanders who has been leading the charge for decades, alongside organizations like National Nurses United, to tell the American people that our health care crisis can be solved through Medicare for All.”

“The broad support is of this issue is also made possible thanks to a coalition like the Medicare for All Caucus in the House, a champion like Sen. Bernie Sanders, and a groundswell of dedicated activists in Our Revolution local groups in 49 states, all working together to bring the United States up to speed with every other major country in guaranteeing health care as a right to everybody in this nation,” Turner added.

Since its founding 2 years ago today, Our Revolution has led the charge for Medicare for All. In 2017 local groups and activists across the country sat in Senate offices to protect the Affordable Care and call for the expansion of health care to all people through a Medicare for All system. 

“This poll shows a tipping point in the movement to give every person the health care they deserve and it’s only growing stronger each day,” Turner concluded. “History will soon look back and question politicians who continue to stand in the way of progress on why they refused to listen to the majority of the American people in calling for Medicare for All.”

With over 600 groups in 49 states and nine countries, Our Revolution is empowering people to organize for real, lasting change in their communities. By supporting progressive policies and champions at every level of government, Our Revolution aims to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families.