Our Revolution Scores Wins in Minnesota and Vermont

On Tuesday, Our Revolution won five out of the six races in which we endorsed candidates. In Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, who we backed in 2016 for her historic win as the first Somali-American state legislator, is poised to become one of the first Muslim American women in Congress this November.

In Vermont, our inspiration, the one and only, Senator Bernie Sanders won his third straight Democratic primary with about 95 percent of the vote. Emilie Kornheiser defeated the incumbent for the Vermont State House District Windham 2-1 by a margin of three-to-one. Kornheiser is an activist in the state’s Our Revolution affiliate and is a workforce development advocate. Mari Cordes, a union nurse, is moving forward one as of the two candidates the Democratic Party will present in November.

Congratulations to all our candidates who ran in the August 14th elections!