Our Revolution Stands with Over 700,000 Grassroots Supporters for Keith Ellison

WASHINGTON -- Our Revolution on Saturday joined Democracy for America at a rally in support for Keith Ellison for DNC Chair. At the event, held outside the fourth DNC Future Forum in Baltimore, Our Revolution Board Member Ben Jealous presented Ellison with signatures from hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters -- including nearly 700,000 from Our Revolution members across the country.

Our Revolution Board Members across the country released statements calling Ellison "the leader we need right now."

“Grassroots Democrats along with national union, progressive, and elected leaders want to see the party re-build from the local level on up," wrote Jane Kleeb, Our Revolution Board Member and Nebraska Democratic Party Chair. "The only candidate in the race bringing federal office, party building, small donor fundraising, and grassroots organizing experience to the table is Keith Ellison.” 

Our Revolution endorsed Ellison in November. In December the group held a live stream event with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Ellison to outline his message and vision for a united Democratic Party. The live stream reached over 1 million people online through Youtube, Facebook Live, and

“The Democratic Party needs new energy, an inclusive vision, structural change, and strategy to win," wrote James Zogby, Board Member and President of the Arab American Institute. "These are exactly the qualities and ideas that Keith brings to the table."

"Keith is the right guy at the right time," wrote Our Revolution Board Member Jim Hightower. "He's a leader who will actually lead -- moving our party out of the clutches of Washington power brokers and putting it in the hands of the people. Keith has a unique ability to harmonize, organize, and mobilize the people power that is the Democratic Party's winning strength."

Former Assemblywoman and Our Revolution Board Member Lucy Flores reiterated: Ellison's priority has always been the people. "He ran, and won, his campaigns in this way. He serves his community in this way. He lives his life in this way. That's the kind of leader the Democratic Party needs right now."

"The Our Revolution Board stands with hundreds of thousands of our supporters who have signed petitions for Keith and are ready to join his movement of volunteers when he is elected DNC chair on February 25," wrote Board Chair Larry Cohen. "We are in all 3,143 counties and are prepared to build a progressive and populist Democratic Party -- fighting for social, economic and environmental justice."