Our Revolution Statement on DNC Chairmanship Election Results

Our Revolution on Saturday released the following statement after Tom Perez was elected DNC Chair:
"First and foremost, we want to thank the hundreds of thousands of Our Revolution supporters who made this fight their own. Keith may not have won, but his campaign should serve as a reminder that politics -- done right --  can bring us together. 

"Make no mistake: our fight for progress does not end here. While the media has been focused on the race for chair, we have been winning elections within state and local parties. This would not be possible without the grassroots knocking on doors, making human connections, and bringing people together. This is a product of everyday people fighting for a party that stands up for middle and working class families, not special interest. We must continue this work.

"Last night Keith talked about 'bus boy Democrats' - who always want to 'take things off the table' because they don't want to fight. We can no longer accept that. Now is the time to bring it all to the table and to pull up some extra chairs.

"With Trump and his allies controlling Washington, we have to take it upon ourselves to elect progressives -- even if elements of the Democratic Party are locked in complacency."